On July 1998, about 120 Seventh-day Adventist members agreed to start the Inland Empire Filipino Seventh-day Adventist Church. The first Sabbath worship was on July 5, 2008 at Norman Church at San Bernardino for three (3) Saturdays only. We exceeded easily the capacity of the church. God provided us for a year another temporary building for worship at the former Norton Air Force Base church. Six months thereafter, the Southeastern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (SECC) affiliated us with a Company Status.

As attendees were increasing, members prayed hard to find another church to worship. The next temporary venue for worship was Loma Linda Academy auditorium, Franz Hall for 2-3 Sabbaths only until we found a church to rent at Clay Street, Redlands which pastor predicted that we will be able to have our own church in one year’s time. On March 11, 2000 SECC upgraded the status of the congregation from a Company of to the sisterhood of churches with Elder GD Penick, Sr., then SECC Executive Secretary, as guest speaker. Before the end of one year after we moved to Redlands, Bob King, a member, learned that the State Christian Church at 604 E. State Street, Redlands was for sale. The members were excited but as they looked at the huge building they thought it would not be affordable. Our church then had only about $15,000 in asset.  Bob King again called that we can make a bargain. Our church board met and decided to bargain which ultimately ended up to a miracle price of half the original price. The Lord answered our prayers.

One day after the closing of the escrow, another church in Redlands came to the officers of the State Christian Church to offer to buy it church in its full price. But they could not turn us away anymore since the escrow was perfected already. To our surprise, there were more than just the church building: an open space in the opposite corner and the two old houses behind the building. As predicted by the Clay Street Church pastor, exactly after one year, we were able to hold the first Sabbath service on November 4, 2000 at this present building shown in the picture up to the present. (Excerpt from the History of the Inland Empire Filipino SDA Church penned by Dr. Mariclem Lao.)


Inland Empire Filipino Seventh-day Adventist Church continues to share the gospel to the community through outreach. The church teaches that salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ alone and that keeping the Ten Commandments is a fruit of salvation not as means to it. In 2011, it started a feeding ministry for the community at its fellowship hall which has continued up to the present with 35-60 people coming for hot full dinner every Sunday from 5:00-6:00 pm. When supply is available, blankets and sleeping bags are distributed in addition to other smaller items. Mission trips with medical/dental outreach had been done to the Philippines and the latest will be this July 2013.

Past and Present Staff:

Senior Pastor: Mario Asumen (2014 April – present)

Associate Pastor: Raymundo Trasporte (2000- present)

First Elder: Dr. Wilson Lao (2011-present)

Administrator: Dr. Wilson Lao (2000-present)

Youth Coordinator: Ian Catolico (2013 – present)